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  • “I wanted to say thank you because you just offered me sooooo much confirmation. I actually had been doing 90% of this list, one way or another, sometimes without even realizing that what I was doing was setting me up for my new life. My kids and I set off for our first wander year in about 6 weeks, and your list just gave me another boost that I needed to reach our goal. Please continue what you’re doing. I am living proof that this formula works!!!”

    AngeeFloyd Angee Floyd – Single Moms on the Move Member - Maui, Hawaii
  • “It is excellent. Not all of the suggestions are even known to some people, let alone remembered by them. Knowledge is the key to all things, along with it being informative and useful.”

    0001 Pamela Loveday – SIngle Moms on the Move Member - (USA)
  • “She makes anyone feel they can travel without fear and with kids” 10/10 Rating

    Poetic-ly Yours Kadeidra Ward – Poetic-ly Yours - (USA)
  • “Very well written with tips that can immediately be implemented. This book will enable mothers to see how feasible the gift of travel really is.” 10/10 Rating

    LaribaThompson Lariba Thompson – African Diaspora Network LLC - (USA)
  • “To take that first step as a single mum is daunting…Jasira with her guide, shows that the possibilities are endless and to start only listening to the yes in your head.” 10/10 Rating

    MyNotesFromNewEngland Lara Flanagan – My Notes from New England - Tenterfield, Austrailia
  • “My professional bio has helped to open many doors and has stood the test of time.” 10/10 Rating

    LaceyEtheredge Lacey Etheredge – J Riley Presents - Culture & Cocktails, Founder (USA)
  • “Very Detailed. I was blown away by Ms. McDowell’s ability to take facts of my life and present them so well on paper.” 10/10

    betheoak01 Charles M. Edwards II – Be The Oak - Founder (USA)
  • “This package gives me the confidence that our dream of traveling as a family to Europe during the 2016 Spring Break is attainable. Very happy with the service I received.” 5/5 Rating

    Fiverr_Logo Fiverr – User Madwoaa – Share My Travel Tips With Single Parents - (USA)
  • “Excellent work, very courteous and professional” 10/10 Rating

    Roniel Sylvester Roniel Sylvester – Regional Diamond - Paycation Travel (USA)
  • “The biography was written to perfection. What stood out to me was that she even went above and beyond to do research on me to get more facts and details to make my bio more interesting. That was a huge plus for me.” 10/10 Rating

    LailaMonet Laila Monet – Spokesmodel, Speaker & MUA (USA)
  • “I’m extremely impressed with the end result…” 10/10 Rating

    Karim Lannaman – Professional Writing Services Client (USA)
  • “I was very impressed with the results.” 10/10 Rating

    Akim Lannaman – Resume Client (USA)
  • “Efficient turn around time and excellent writing skills.” 10/10 Rating

    tanai edit (1) Tanai Benard – 4 Deep Around the World (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • “Jasira Monique’s poems are honest and full of genuine emotion.  She captures the essence of the struggle to not only know oneself, but also to show the world that truth as well.”  

    Slide6 Africa Fine – Author & Professor
  • ‘Woman On The Move’ is a powerful poetic melody that rides the mental notes of musical literature…Brilliant and refreshing, her passion for the arts shines, as I look forward to more of her work in the future.

    Slide4 Spoken Vizions Magazine – National Poetry Awards,  Poetry Magazine of the Year 2011 & 2012 Winner
  • “This is a heart felt sensational tribute to all poets! simply beautiful.”

    wpid-Photo-0094_e2.jpg Elaine George – Poet
  • “The rhythm of Ms. McDowell’s poetry coupled with the emotional energy makes for beautiful poetry. My favorites are Thank you for the Son and Bruised Kisses. This poetry collection is an outstanding addition to one’s library.”


    Hastings - Alb, NM Susan Gallucci – Georgetown Alum & Director of NW Maternity Home
  • Bruised Kisses is the author’s proof of a life lived with courage, reflection and evolving wisdom. With engaging command and candid eloquence she empathizes with the lurking fears and whispered worries of the young, destitute and aspiring.

    BordersBroomfieldCOAugust2009pic04 Safiya Songhai – Miss Black United States 2009/Emmy Award Winning Producer/ Writer/Director/Actress
  • “Jasira Monique’s voice is raw. There cannot be one voice for all women but all women have the struggles and triumphs she lays out for us here…how do we reward this literary revolution? –by reacquainting ourselves with the intimacy of a book. Spread her word!”

    Queen Sheba Review Queen Sheba. bethsheba a. rem. – MFA Creative Writing Candidate Antioch University

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