2017 National Poetry Month is the Best Yet!


Everything worth remembering begins with a feeling, nothing creates a feeling like the power of the spoken word.

Poetry ignites emotions, desires, wants, obsessions and memories that make us the most fascinating creatures to ever roam the Universe.

So to just share a little story, 17 years ago, a very close friend used to sit and share with me his poetry while I was a freshman at Howard University. I would look at his poems on tattered yellow legal paper and think to myself this needs to be in a book, people need to hear all of these wonderful poems. I encouraged him to publish and then I started sitting in an area we called the Valley on campus up above a fountain on the huge side rail of the steps and write poems. I was later baptized in that area…but the water first touched my pen and then it submerged me.

I wrote confessionals, love poems, rhyming poetry and anything that resonated with the feelings of my heart. I constantly inserted words into my journal and carried those entries with me for years until I finally published them in Bruised Kisses, my first book of poetry. Later, I saw that same friend at Howard University’s Book Store at my first book signing there as an author and signed his personal copy of my book on a page of the poem that I dedicated to him, which is now known as a dedication to all poets, When Poets Make Love.

Years later, I still find poetry as a refuge, a confidant of sorts and a place where I go to explore what my heart is telling me.

I’ve created programs like ‘So You Think You Think You Know Poetry?’ a poetry analysis and critique lecture and ‘TheraPoetry’ which debuted in Nairobi, Kenya as a platform for at-risk youth to use poetry as a way to heal. I always look for ways to infuse poetry into what I’m doing, because it’s a natural healer.

Well enough of my rambling, let’s start National Poetry Month off with a tear jerker. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the bride whose groom sent her into tears with his beautiful spoken word at their wedding.

Watch below for an amazing declaration of everlasting love through poetry…

What do you love about poetry?