99 Problems… Travel Isn’t One!

99 Problems Travel Isn't One Cover (1)

“Power’s not given to you. You have to take it!” – BeyoncΓ©

The past 3 weeks have been insane! When I booked a solo trip to New Orleans at the beginning of September, I had no idea that would start a storm of travel (pun intended). Many of you may remember that earlier this year, during my birthday month I had a blood clot in my lung (pulmonary embolism) and I haven’t flown since that time until the beginning of this month. In February, I took a quick road trip to Tampa with the kids for a travel conference. During that time, I also had a Young Kings iPhone photo shoot (yes it’s a thing!) with my son to work on building content for his brand and movement.

Young Kings Founders in Cultural Arts area in downtown Tampa
King Daniel, Founder of Young Kings in Cultural Arts area in downtown Tampa

However, my solo trip to New Orleans was huge for several reasons… Unknown to many I had not traveled by myself in 4, F-O-U-R (count them 1, 2, 3…4 YEARS!!!). Isn’t that crazy?! My last solo trip before New Orleans was my trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2013. Yep, thank God I’ve upgraded my phone since then… it’s a shame what a bad quality image will do to a precious moment. πŸ™

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Since then, I have been traveling with the kids. Yes, we’ve traveled through 4 countries and over 30 cities together during the past 4 years and mama needed a break from the kids. I decided to do a solo trip to New Orleans because I’ve always wanted to visit and I’m convinced that New Orleans has a huge impact on my future. I’m obsessed with Spanish Moss Trees and the land of rural parts of Louisiana. I was completely shocked as to how similar New Orleans still is to southern France. I really did feel like I was in a time warp when I walked into certain buildings in N.O. that reminded me of Bayonne and Bordeaux, France. It is amazing to walk into a building in one part of the world and still see the influence is just as relevant 200 years later.

How the day started & it just got better… πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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I had such a wonderful time in New Orleans. I took the time to visit Jackson Square, the French Quarter and even spent time with fellow queens from the Miss Plus America pageant system who are Louisiana state delegates. It was such an easy no fuss time. I have to be honest, I prefer traveling by myself more than with friends or my children. I like picking the location, choosing activities and only hearing myself complain or fuss. But I guess who doesn’t like only having to worry about themselves instead of the fate of young, innocent and tender children in foreign lands…

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What’s so crazy is that I never planned on traveling the next weekend after returning from New Orleans, but guess what? I hopped right in the car with a beautiful young lady, Krystal Kruz, owner of The Face Wardrobe, who I met at the Woman on the Move I AM BEAUTY Mix & Mingle in May. I guess a category 4 or 5 hurricane named Irma will make you take down the guards, grab kids, collect funds and hit the road. That’s exactly what we did. We spent one night in Orlando and then I went to an Airbnb in Kissimmee and Krystal went to see family in a town nearby. The kids and I had an amazing time with our Airbnb hosts and then we packed up and headed back home.

Praying for the best back home & being surrendered while here πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

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What’s better than traveling with family or loved ones? Seeing people travel the world who’ve never thought they’d experience such amazing things around the world. It’s incredible to share resources that literally opens up a life of travel for women and families. My 101 tips travel eBook for my moms has been downloaded by over 1,200 families who are dedicated to seeing the world. It’s just humbling to see so many people want to create a life full of world exploration and adventure from seeing our journey on social media, reading about it on the blog or who’ve experienced it in person with me as I’ve traveled through several countries and have gained the courage to make travel happen!

That’s why I am super excited to announce a new experience that was designed by another travel industry professional. I have sent out emails to my subscribers and now I’m opening up access for travel lovers to sign up for exclusive access to our upcoming trips and travel resources. If you would like more information, then please click here or visit www.99problemstravelisntone.com. Over the past 4 years, I’ve shared so many tips about travel hacking, deals and strategies that I’ve learned as a travel agent, but I’m excited to share much more and create experiences that can help any budget.

99 Problems Travel Isn't One Cover (1)

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