America’s New Bandits

#AmericasNewBandits Let me label it misguided revenge Irrevocable racism… Like your existence Was unequivocally desired In the land of the free & the brave… As a family In unison they shout for more blood Like how some of us Used to sit and pray Together as a family Now the only time We bond is in death… Why don’t we call him ‘The Prodigal Son’ In some ways we were like a father Maybe he was our illegitimate son But we fathered that terrorist And now like Every episode of Maury We don’t want to claim our offspring… Let’s over-exaggerate his life To make our crimes seem less America’s new bandit Roams freely and without a disguise… America’s new Bandit Doesn’t wear camouflage… America’s new Bandit Doesn’t hide in caves They sit alone all day in houses Play videogames And are instructed by Their mothers to shut up & be quiet Their fathers ignore them Better yet They pretend they don’t exist So these pseudo bastards find solace in animated versions of life A life worth living Of course is better onscreen Than really lived They learn to hold in Their feelings And discuss their day To an inanimate object That can’t steer them Right or wrong So their just Left Alone… These are America’s New Bandits… Yes America We fathered that terrorist And if we don’t wake up, Change and accept responsibility for our actions We’ll keep breeding more just like him! Written in 2011 about the disgust of Osama Bin Laden & all the American born or worst American funded terrorists… It saddens me how relevant these words are still today… It haunts me. We must parent our youth! That terrorist is somebody's baby. Our kids need leaders, they need education, they need service, they need to be led the right way or we will keep creating more like them. #BeASolution #poetry #charlestonshooting #leaders #blacklivesmatter #youngkingsmobileapp #youngkings #travel #noapathy #service #empowerment #instalike #instagood #instapower #instaservice #jasiramonique #womanonthemove

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