Art + Love = Universal Bridges to Life

#latergram I focus on graffiti because I love it. Maybe that's the 80s baby in me. I love to capture something beautiful on something that's not. No matter where we travel I now have a custom of taking pictures of Daniel in front of graffiti. The colors & creativity are amazing. I've learned that I like seeing the commonalities of people; regardless of race, religion, language & nationality. We all want to express ourselves in some way that's unique & leaves a lasting impression on others. Seeing people laugh & talk in groups reminds me here of our travel experience of walking the streets of New York with Daniel. It's amazing seeing love & art as universal bridges to life. This picture was taken yesterday on my walk with Miss Ssha. #travelperspectives #wanderlust #travel #worldtravel #travelonabudget #graffiti #iphonography #instatravel #france #rennes #airbnb #villejean #freelancewriter #blogger #travelblogger

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