Blushhh Music: 7 Boss Habits


This is an exclusive article that I did on Matthew Knowles new girl’s group on behalf of The Single Wives Club!

1. Do it first!

If you want to stand out and leave a legacy behind, then be the first and be the greatest. Don’t look for anyone’s Amen or approval to make your next move your best move. We’ve seen many amazing girl groups and trios, such as TLC, Salt-N-Pepa and Destiny’s Child break the mold because there’s something so bold and unapologetic about all of these chart topping groups. Likewise, Blushhh Music has something very unique going for them; maybe it’s the fearlessness in their lyrics or the boldness of their look, whatever it is it works! They are the first female trio in the music industry comprised of one vocalist and two rappers. Their vision to be different is paving a way for them to stand out and rise up among the best. We salute the visionaries!

2. Value Sisterhood

If you speak individually to one of the ladies, they will highlight the strengths and the things that make each member shine on their own within the group. We’ve seen girl groups disband and then attack each other. Many are just thrown together and aren’t given time to cultivate real and authentic relationships. When we asked Blushhh Music what do they want to be known for, Sunni quickly answered “Unity and Sisterhood”. It’s important to the ladies that their fans know their message and music is all about empowerment, sisterhood and women knowing their worth. Together we achieve more.

3. “Don’t ever question the reason why she flexin!”

All of the ladies are absolutely beautiful and know it! When you hear each of their individual parts in a song, you immediately see that they can carry their own. They give 110% onstage and offstage they keep it classy and humble. It’s something about the flawless diva who works towards perfection, yet embellishes herself with character and humility. Blushhh Music is definitely that girl group that excites you when you think of amazingly talented women who know their brilliance, but don’t let their focus remain on themselves. Each lady works their hardest day in and night to perfect their craft and be their best, that’s what keeps getting these ladies booked! Know you’re absolutely amazing and there will never be another you no matter how hard they try!

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