Everyone Should Write an eBook


  Have you ever considered writing a book? Well, becoming an author has never been easier! Thanks to mobile apps that allow customers to read and download books anywhere in the world within a few minutes, eBooks make reading more accessible than ever. Why not take your area of expertise[…]

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Six Months in Europe!


I’m just absolutely in awe of God. Accomplishing this goal of traveling for over 2 months, much less 6 months with my two children, has just made me reflect on everything that I’ve ever desired in my life and no I don’t deserve any of it, but just being able[…]

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Say Her Name


“There are seven days in the week and someday isn’t one of them.” Please say her name. If it was me, I would want you to say mine. We don’t have the luxury of being entangled in Meek Mill vs. Drake battles, if Nicki Minaj is experiencing racism by her[…]

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Keys to Destroying Racism


Updated: October 4, 2017 This was written while I was living in France and working as a freelance writer for an organization named Save Our Legacy. However, in today’s society with the constant and no so subtle rhetoric that White lives are the only lives that matter, I really wanted[…]

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