He Chose Me


Being shapeless and shiftless I embraced my next journey heart palpitations enough to dismantle the strongest stallion I took a deep breath and plunged so deep into my fears they became quiet still at the notion that I was brave enough to love to desire love to quiet everything that[…]

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7 Powerful Messages to Women in the era of Beyoncé

There is truly no comfort in being mediocre in any area of life coming up in the era of Beyoncé. Yes, Beyoncé is pregnant with twins and was absolutely amazing performing at last night’s 59th Grammy Awards. Whatever excuses you had for slacking off, please trash them immediately. If you[…]

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Blushhh Music: 7 Boss Habits


This is an exclusive article that I did on Matthew Knowles new girl’s group on behalf of The Single Wives Club! 1. Do it first! If you want to stand out and leave a legacy behind, then be the first and be the greatest. Don’t look for anyone’s Amen or[…]

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