Six Months in Europe!


I’m just absolutely in awe of God. Accomplishing this goal of traveling for over 2 months, much less 6 months with my two children, has just made me reflect on everything that I’ve ever desired in my life and no I don’t deserve any of it, but just being able[…]

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Let Adversity Promote You


#Reflection You just never know what a person has gone through and what they are capable of by looking at the surface. I’m definitely #grateful for this #opportunity to share the lives of people I’ve grown to respect and admire through serving as their personal #biography #writer. I truly do[…]

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Father’s Day Reflection


My brother & I spent almost half of our lives & so many Father’s Days visiting prison…. You never know someone’s story unless you take the time to get to know them. My prayers are with all the children who spend countless days & holidays like this. I thank God[…]

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In Order to Move on to Bigger, You have to Let Go of Smaller

After I taught my son that in order to move on to bigger things, you have to let go of smaller things. But letting go doesn't mean that you don't earn money back from your initial investment. #travel #worldtravel #savings #craigslist #travelsavings #singlemomsonthemove #nobodyelsepaidformytrip #wonthedoit #usethatbrain #kidpreneurs #mompreneurs #wanderlust #skyscanner[…]

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