Resources for Low Income College Students


Story behind the story… I went from living in the worst housing project in the U.S. to a bonafied ‘Who’s Who’ on Howard University’s Campus by using the following strategies… I was able to write this article in less than 24 hours after receiving my list of topics for discussion[…]

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7 Habits to Effectively Harness Gratitude


Gratitude will take you a very long way in life. When looking at some of the issues in our society, one dividing factor in relation to apathy, crime, personal growth and success is each person’s level of gratitude. We can all bring increase into our lives, schools, homes and environments by[…]

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Keys to Destroying Racism


Updated: October 4, 2017 This was written while I was living in France and working as a freelance writer for an organization named Save Our Legacy. However, in today’s society with the constant and no so subtle rhetoric that White lives are the only lives that matter, I really wanted[…]

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