$87.30 for 3 Travelers & a Bag!!!


Never Mind it was FREE! One thing that will always leave most people shocked is how I consistently have amazing opportunities fall into my lap. It looks like magic. Sometimes it appears that I didn’t work or earn it. But when you look much closer you’ll see that I’ve been[…]

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Six Months in Europe!


I’m just absolutely in awe of God. Accomplishing this goal of traveling for over 2 months, much less 6 months with my two children, has just made me reflect on everything that I’ve ever desired in my life and no I don’t deserve any of it, but just being able[…]

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Is it Worth it?


It feels so good to be back connected to the matrix! lol Please forgive me for my long overdue break. I’m not sure how long I will have this unlimited wifi access, but I’m excited and so grateful for all of the clients, family and friends who were patient with[…]

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Are you Moving Out of God’s Way?


In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6   When #God tells you to have #faith. You have to trust Him… If I’d told you this #blessing was from a housemate with #Airbnb or someone I met #couchsurfing I would be lying. To be[…]

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Art + Love = Universal Bridges to Life


#latergram I focus on graffiti because I love it. Maybe that's the 80s baby in me. I love to capture something beautiful on something that's not. No matter where we travel I now have a custom of taking pictures of Daniel in front of graffiti. The colors & creativity are[…]

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A Heartfelt Promise


Today, we’ve officially been in Europe for two months… You can’t even imagine how hard the past two years have been for me, my faith and my ability to believe that God not only heard my prayers, but would answer them. I’ve faced an incredible amount of rejection, not from haters[…]

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