Chocolate Moon

913082D3-7E4F-4CE4-B00C-152552D3DF91‘Chocolate Moon’

Look at you
Chocolate Moon
Classy dude
Makes the Sun jealous
He’s so cool
The Earth whispers
The ocean opens and closes
Nature consumes
The sky overdoses
Arrogant yet bashful
Diligent & playful
The stars confess that
You are the best
Aware of your purpose
You ignite the radiance
Of those surrounding you
And you welcome the brilliance
of others
Who come and go
as more than merely
Passers by
You illuminate
The glory of darkness
Chocolate Moon

Published in ‘Woman on the Move: Unapologetic Poetry’ by Jasira Monique December 2012.

Woman on the Move: Unapologetic Poetry

Pass it on to a beautiful Black man in your life. 🖤