Decoded: ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ is Monica Lewinsky


“Forgiveness is about the forgiver” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 5 Lemonade Laws in Action:


Before you start reading and getting super excited about the tea that is about to be spilt, I would like to preface this article by saying that this is not a tabloid piece, but a poetry analysis in celebration of Happy National Poetry Month. This is a systematic approach of carefully studying the actions of the artist and conveying the presumed meaning of their work of art. This is my interpretation of the meaning of Beyonce’s now famous saying ‘Becky with the good hair’. This piece is not meant to slander or malign the character of Monica Lewinsky, but is artistically used to reference her involuntary involvement in another matter that Beyonce has chosen to pursue. What did Monica do that she had no idea of? Monica Lewinsky’s scandalous relationship with former President Bill Clinton, inadvertently damaged the credibility of Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton. Many including Beyonce are working to diminish the long-term effects of infidelity on the character of a wife and her plight to pursue greatness in her own right. ‘Lemonade’ is a body of art that chooses to eliminate women from the sexist double standards of love and power in an American society.


1. Don’t subject Women to your biased BS & Expect us to swallow it


Many might ask why would Beyonce come for Monica Lewinsky now? Why bring her up after so many years has passed? Why create this whole album about lying, deceit, power, infidelity, allude to the possibility of her husband’s cheating and then string it all along with women working together? If you’ve ever been lied to or cheated on you know how painful the after effects are from when everyone learns of the infidelity. The pain of the torture you receive from everyone who has always hated you and now has something to brag about is more painful than the act of cheating itself. I know this because I’ve personally experienced being dragged by the public. ‘Lemonade’ and it’s aggressive approach to silence cheating side chicks and bash cheating husbands was all for marketing and media attention as a play in the Lemonade Laws (identified below) to solidify Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next United States President of America and it worked! Because Beyonce is a marketing genius!


2. Conceal Your Intentions

You’ve just witnessed one of the 48 Laws of Power in action, Law #3: Conceal Your Intentions. Immediately after the launch of Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ visual album fans immediately started discussing cheating, forgiveness, women staying and trying to figure out what was Beyonce saying? Everyone went for the bait and instantly started trying to figure out who in the Hell is Becky with the good hair? Well thanks to Plies and his song ‘Becky’, Beyonce’s previously recorded shade at Monica Lewinsky in ‘Partition‘, Rita Ora, Rachel Roy and one article that all weaved it together in my mind, I finally realized that it’s true. Most people in America know who Bill Clinton is and if they’ve heard of his impeachment trial, they know who Monica Lewinsky is and her blue dress. In relation, to ‘Partition’ lyrics, Beyonce is now famous for saying “He Monica Lewinsky-ed on my dress” which refers to the blue dress that had semen stains on it from our nation’s former President. Also, we famously remember former President Clinton saying “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman” referring to the oral sex received by Monica Lewinsky as not being ‘sexual relations’. Lastly, because Hillary stayed with Bill, it made her appear to be weak or worst a weak willed woman. Who wants a weak willed woman who stays with a cheating man as President? No one. So what Beyonce did is allude to the possibility that she could be that woman who stayed and she’s ‘King Bey’ so there’s now way she can be weak willed right? So if Beyonce in all of her glory stayed with Jay-Z, then certainly the fierce Hillary Clinton can be given permission and a pass for staying with her husband Bill Clinton.

3. Always Say Less than Necessary

Beyonce would never ever in a million years ever destroy her marriage through letting us have too much of a glimpse into her personal life. She would never let us know if Jay-Z actually cheated. But what she will do is bash a woman’s head in via a fantastic visual album who is coming for her husband or any other woman of power husband, especially Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. She must have made a pact with Hillary that she would help her win in a way that no one has ever seen before because this album isn’t about Beyonce, it’s about Hillary. Yeah, if you thought Beyonce was talking about her life, then you forgot this is the person who didn’t get on instagram or twitter until much later in her career. This is clearly, another law from the 48 Laws of Power being used on many of the unsuspecting fans in the Beyhive.

4. Be an Unapologetic Feminist

‘Lemonade’ is about every woman’s dreams that have ever been shattered due to her husband’s infidelity. Every woman who has ever sought great heights knows that if her husband misses the mark due to unfaithfulness she will always be considered less than no matter how brilliant, amazing, ambitious and committed she is in her own right. ‘Lemonade’ is an ode to all of the women who were judged not by their own character, but those of a man; their husband’s, father’s, son’s or any other man. Our talent, brilliance, sexiness, godliness, purity, beauty, ugliness and anything else belongs to us first, not our men. We deserve the right as women to live in our light and not let anyone else subject us to their beliefs of womanhood.

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5. Thou Shalt Never Lose a Battle because of a Cheating Man!

“How in the Hell could she do that when she has one of the greatest women abusers of all time sitting waiting for her to come home” – Donald Trump

When Donald Trump brought up Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, he brought out Clinton’s Trump card, Beyonce and the Beyhive! His statement was sexist in every meaning of the word and when you listen carefully it clearly shows that a woman will never be judged by her talent and own brilliant attributes, but always by the merits of the lover she is attached to according to Presidential candidate Donald Trump. His view of women are a bit antiquated and as we’ve seen from Beyonce’s stage antics from her last tour she’s not here for anyone’s sexism. She’ll do one of the artist formerly known as Prince’s tricks and highlight everything sexual and appealing about a woman and then use it as a prop to highlight their brilliance.

So one might say “But Hillary did an interview with the Breakfast Club and didn’t know that Hot Sauce was a baseball bat!” You think that Beyonce endorsed Hillary and they didn’t speak about this whole subliminal messaging that Beyonce has planned to help Clinton’s team win a Presidential election? I think Olivia Pope would be proud of this very aggressive mission to prime women to speak about forgiveness ‘Sandcastles’, to hate the cheating woman “ashes to sidechicks”, bond together ‘Freedom’ and then ending is all of us voting for Hillary Clinton in the next presidential election ‘Formation’. I would love to hear the thoughts of Malcolm Gladwell on how all of this will tip the election in Hillary’s favor.

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