This workshop will help you:

Discover ways to share what you know in eBook format
Learn how to create eBooks that are fun and engaging
Identify ways to create value and share new tips
Increase sales and user engagement by creating digital products
Learn about major eBook publishing platforms
Become familiar with Jasira’s strategy through case by case repetition of her technique


All participants will create a LIVE digital eBook in the class! (must bring in laptop)


Create Magic with Social Media is a teleclass that will identify key components in achieving your dreams through social media & train participants in how to implement them during their regular social media engagement. There are so many things we can use social media to do. Why not use it to help us achieve our goals?

You will not find ANY COURSE like this one online! Why? It’s simple, most people cater to the business use of social media and neglect to share how the advantages of operating your personal accounts like you would a business to improve your life.

For the past 7+ years Jasira Monique has strategically used social media to achieve her goals. Whether it’s becoming a published author, learning how to conduct and create a book tour, writing an eBook, being featured in a Dr. Oz Show segment, being accepted into Harvard’s edX program, traveling all over the world and more, Jasira has done it through using her secret social media strategy.

She has mastered the ability to outline her goals and to know which platform is best for achieving them. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Periscope or other platforms, Jasira has found a way to make her dreams a reality through social media and she desires to help you do the same!