Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything!

Everything in life has a reason, purpose & bigger impact on your future. I have been following & planning EVERYTHING international travel related for the past 2 years. I’ve been blessed with an incredible international network of travel game changers through social media who have helped prepare me for each step of the way. Amirah with @coolyounghistory has walked me through so many steps in her book ‘101 Ways to Travel the World for less than $10 A Day’ & @travelnoire Has changed the game with this travel box. @jabarinspires Has helped me see the power in using your social media network to help you secure opportunities in a way that only social media & faith can… Lauren of @cantstayput_ helped me understand how the journey is a culmination of experiences that reveal to you your greater purpose through travel & big leaps of faith…. There are so many more amazing people who have influenced me on this next stage in my life… But I can’t wait to see what will happen next…✈️✈️✈️ Travel lovers, subscribe to all the ppl I just mentioned, buy @coolyounghistory’s book ****the link is in my bio & use code JASIRA for 10% off, DM me if you want to write off all of your travel expenses, make residual income through travel & make a plan to leave & see the world. #womanonthemove #babieswithPassportsinTow #travel #passport #wanderlust #vacation #paycation #bison #singlemomsonthemove

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