#Goal: Single Parents & Children Traveling the World

Single parents on the move

“Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.”

– Kurt Vonnegut

I’m very grateful to be able to travel the world with my two children. My story isn’t pretty, but it led me to do things that I’ve never done. While dreaming about travel, I’ve learned several strategies that I’ve now used to change the lives of my children and myself. I would like to help more single parents experience the beauty of international travel with their children.


Here are my 5 tips that are included in this package that can save you over $1000:

  1. How to find cheap international flights for you and the family
  2. How to cut your costs in half for accommodations
  3. How to cut your meal costs 
  4. How to eliminate international calling charges while you travel
  5. How to use your talents to help you earn money while you travel  

europe traveling-saidaonline

As a Certified Travel Agent, I know consolidators, FAM trips, specialist perks and so much more that isn’t available to the regular consumer. However, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars using a search engine that is used by all of the travel experts you see taking amazing pictures from coast to coast and it’s available to everyone. Additionally, I’ve saved over $200 on my stay in France for a trip that is already saving me $1000 dollars per month. I spend less a week on food in France than I used to spend at home in the U.S. There are no international calling fees. Matter of fact, my friends and family call me using a U.S. number absolutely free to them. Lastly, I am using my skills to obtain more while traveling by working remotely.

If you are a single parent or you know single parents that desire to travel, but don’t know how to get started, start here.