He Chose Me

Being shapeless and shiftless
I embraced my next journey
heart palpitations
enough to dismantle the strongest stallion

I took a deep breath
and plunged so deep into my fears
they became quiet
at the notion
that I was brave enough
to love
to desire love
to quiet
everything that didn’t correspond to my new path

I collected love letters
These minimized thoughts into 140 characters
to embed between the crevices of passports and tiny items for exploration

I collected affirmations
to remind myself why I was chosen
I guarded them deep within
where no one can enter

I silenced doubt and self-hate
banishing it to the deepest of oceans
with an anchor to hold them down
Bodiless they lay
waiting for the next visionary

I awakened love at the depths of my mind
I beckoned Peace
to allow me to accompany it on my journey
I asked if God allowed Surrender
to be my guide on this journey of worthiness
For I am worthy
Of all greatness
That awaits me

I am predestined to succeed to despite my flaws and failures

I am reunited with Hope
We had a fight and I, as a common murderer,
I buried it long ago
but a friend handed me a shovel…
We dug deep
isolated together
We dug
And asked for Hope
To bring Forgiveness
So that we could all
Be free
To love
To shine
And conquer
Despite all of our weaknesses
Despite our sins
We are loved
We are love
We love