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Daniel posing in Rennes, France
Daniel posing in Rennes, France wearing his ‘It was all a dream’ shirt

“It was all a dream…” – Biggie Smalls

Last year, I quickly planned to make lemonade out of lemons and bought 3 international one way tickets to Europe for myself and my two children. My son, Daniel (King Daniel) is very matter of fact about lots of things in life, but most importantly I wanted to know how he felt about himself and his ability to achieve his dreams. This impromptu was recorded on one of our iPhone 4’s and the audio is not very loud (listening with headphones is the best method), but it’s contents are still important. This is my little time capsule for my son in certain respects, because he can always go back to this audio and think about what he spoke into his life and how he made active decisions to invest in himself. I’ve transcribed parts of it and included the audio so that you can do this activity with your children as well.

Life’s Dreams Audio:

Mom: Start off with things that you believe about yourself
Son: Things that I believe about myself. I’m gonna (i know cringe) make lots of money. I’m gonna have a great wife (yeah i thought he said life too). I am going to work my hardest when I get older. I’m going to be positive, be nice and kind. I’m gonna make my own money. I’m going to do my chores.
Now things that I think that I believe about myself: I think I might get that Assassin Creed Hidden blade, I think I might meet Wiz Khalafi (yeah i know) and Snoop Dogg. I think that I’m going to make a lot of companies in the world. I think I’m going to meet every show, meet every movie star that I like and that’s it.
Mom: So how do you think that you’re going to make all these companies and how do you think you’re going to make your own business and meet all of these entertainers? What do you think you’ll be doing in life to help you meet all the celebrities and all the actors? What will you be?
Son: I will travel and I will make a lot of money. I will be wise.
Mom: What will you be doing as a profession as a job, as a career?
Son: Playing video games and testing them out. Owning my own business by making video games.
Mom: That’s how you’re going to make all of your money? So what are some things that we’ve recently discussed of ways of you making money? Have you forgot about those?
Son: Working at a business in France.
Listen to the audio above to hear the full mommy & son life’s dream interview from one year ago today, May 12, 2015.

Achievement Update:

We recently created his logo for his business and started building out some things that we discussed in this interview such as the Young Kings movement and started raising funds for his upcoming business venture. The Black Male Passport Initiative is a division of Young Kings which encourages parents to make sure their sons see the world. We’ve successfully helped 3 children obtain passports to visit Mexico from the B.E.S.T. Academy in Atlanta, GA. I’m super proud of the progress we’ve made. It’s not easy and there is a ton of pulling and prodding to get him to move on some things he spoke of, but it’s so worth the effort. There is so much more work to do, but I’m grateful that we’ve seen some progress. Of course as a parent, I have a lot of goals for my son. One day he may decide that my goals don’t match his own for himself. We’ll have to adjust, compromise and keep it moving. Can you relate to the struggle? Make sure that you subscribe to the site if you would like to stay updated on King Daniel’s success as a rising entrepreneur.

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