Land of Opportunity

I don’t know what was on his mind, but what I do know is that I’m so grateful that a door closed & forced us on this journey. I had no one to take care of my daughter while I worked 10-12 hour days & all licensed day cares were full. I just couldn’t allow myself to 1) be a victim of circumstance 2) send my child somewhere without the proper credentials to people I didn’t know or trust because I was desperate. I thank God that I was forced to use this creativity, talent & ingenuity to make a way out of no way. I thank God for EVERY person who has hired me to write an article, resume or biography while we’re traveling because that’s how we keep moving, growing, eating & living. I was forced to use talents that I doubted & now God allows me to hear “Excellent”, “Excellent work”, “I love it” & “Thank you” constantly from new clients. I appreciate everyone who respects my hustle & desire to work with a newfound spirit of excellence & integrity. Thank you because my success is about so much more than myself. I feel humbled knowing that my son can watch money come in day after day at anytime or any moment as opposed to only twice a month. Everyday is grind time. My hours are long, but they are built around my family, adventure, love & travel. Thank you & to everyone who is waiting to tell the world about who you are & wonder about who you could be & what you might do… Know that I’ve been offered AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES ALL MY LIFE all because I know the POWER of HIGHLIGHTING my SUCCESS and making MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS outweigh my failures. It’s structure & strategy to winning even when you’re losing. I know the beauty of praise & have used it all my life to constantly obtain more. I use my gift to help others win, create opportunities & doors for themselves to walk through. Now I write to help people change their lives. #hireme #resumewriter #biographywriter #bio #tellyourstory #getbooked #thankful #grateful #travelers #instatravel #travel #wanderlust #europe #singlemomsonthemove #smartcookie #faith #prayerwarrior #instalike #traveling #singlemomsonthemove

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