Lebron James: 13 Winning Mindset Quotes & 2016 NBA Finals Victory!


The game always gives back to people that’s true to the game.

On Father’s Day, I decided to fast from all social media… well that was until The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship!

My grandpa and I watched, ate pizza, pie and ice cream and we stayed glued to the TV. I couldn’t believe how close the entire game was the whole time. Not once could you really predict what was going to happen. Halftime the Warriors were leading and the start of the 4th quarter you still didn’t know all the way down to the last minute of the game we had no idea. Each team fought and battled themselves, ultimately after one of the best basketball games I’ve seen in a long time, the Cleveland Cavaliers pulled it off and won the NBA Championship! The most amazing thing to all of us is what the win meant to Ohio and to Cleveland. My mother was born in Akron and my grandfather was raised and educated in Ohio so of course we had a special reason why we wanted Lebron to win because he represented something that was close to us.

I’m all about breakthrough speeches and interviews and Lebron brought it with his winning mentality in the post-game NBA Championship interview; great sportsmanship and leadership. Here’s some of my favorite King James’ quotes:

1. I’m true to the game and I know what I bring to the table. I came back for a reason to bring a championship to our city.


2. Our fans deserve for us to end this drought.



3. Obviously I know what J.R. has been through. People counting him out, he’s this, he’s that…but just understanding what J.R.’s been through and people just saying there’s no way he can be a winner…I was like “Ok I got him”

Congrats brother!! Happy to be there for every last one of them 3s! #FlameThrower #RocketLauncher #Swish

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4. Those emotions came out of me just leading 14 guys and understanding like I said what our city’s been through for the last 50+ years….then also people just counting me out. Throughout my 13 year career, I’ve done nothing but be true to the game, give everything I’ve got to the game, put my heart, my blood, sweat and tears into the game and people still want to doubt what I’m capable of doing.


5. My guys believed in me as their leader. Every single day, I preach to them every single day. I’m their leader and they allow me to lead those guys every single night. I was true to that, I believed.


6. We’re going to make some mistakes, but it’s how we come back from it.


7. Everything I’ve done, it results in this. They say “Hard work pays off” and that’s what happened tonight.


8. I’d take my chances versus anybody versus any team…once we got to Game 7, I was confident. I knew what I was doing. I knew my guys would allow me to lead them throughout 48 minutes and they did that.


9. That’s yesterday’s newspaper. I don’t think anyone is reading yesterday’s newspaper, they’ll be reading tomorrow’s.


10. I was calm, I was focused, I was locked in.


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11. Like Jay-Z said, “You got to stay low and keep firing”


12. I knew what I was capable of doing. I knew what I’ve learned in the last couple of years that I was gone… when I came back I knew I had the right ingredients, the right blueprint to help this franchise get back to a place that we’ve never been.

Game 7 Highlights:


13. The game always gives back to people that’s true to the game.

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