#MarsaiMartin: Dream BIG & Break Records!

Actress Marsai Martin
Actress Marsai Martin

It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela

I’ve always been fascinated with young leaders, but Marsai Martin takes the cake!
Have you heard? If you haven’t you’ve truly been under a rock. Well let me catch you up to speed… Headlines everywhere are saying that this 14-year-old actor is now the world’s youngest executive producer in Hollywood history! Yes, you read that right!!! We are all shocked. This young queen just took livin’ your best life to the next level!

How did she do it?

Social media always has the clues if you need them. According to this post below, it all began since Marsai has always loved the movie BIG as a young child and couldn’t get it out of her head. One day she took a leap of faith after connecting the dots and whispered her ambitions into the right ears. What did she desire to do? She wanted to make an urban modern version of the film starring herself after a freak accident and how she would navigate through life on her terms as a corporate exec turned child boss.

So let’s think about it for a second… She wanted to create a film and was bold enough to create a plan and walk it through to completion! How many times do we talk ourselves out of that big move before we can even get through the door? I wanted to share with you a few things I thought about after I heard about this young mogul’s latest achievement. You just can’t achieve goals like this on a whim. From everything I’ve read on achieving the impossible, there has to be a strategy, consistency and something much bigger than yourself at stake. Here are my 4 actions steps to make it happen like Marsai:

1. Dream BIG

Marsai Martin
Marsai Martin Chats About ABC’s “Black-ish” with Build

I’ve been re-reading the book ‘The Alchemist’ and the book describes our personal legend as something that we’ve always wanted to do since we were little (pun intended). It’s absolutely incredible to see this apply to Marsai’s story! She’s admitted that her fascination with the movie BIG led her on this journey of wanting to see herself in a newer & funnier version. She saw in her mind what she wanted and was relentless at seeing it come into existence. Her ability to manifest is something that now the entire movie viewing world will be able to experience! What is it you’ve always wanted to do? Has life, family, bills or obligations got in the way? If so, go back to that desire you’ve always had and imagine it happening despite all of your perceived obstacles. There truly is freedom in moving forward on your dreams. Don’t leave them trapped in your head. The world is actually waiting for you to manifest what you dream.
Read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

2. Be Intentional

Marsai Martin at the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
Marsai Martin at the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Marsai is a trained and paid actress. According to Wikipedia, Marsai started acting at the age of six years old on ABC’s comedy series Black-ish. It’s safe to say she voiced her dreams of becoming a child actress to her parents, she took acting lessons and auditioned until she got booked. By the way, she didn’t grab the lowest hanging fruit. Her first gig was on a major network and landed her numerous nominations and awards. The one thing we can see is there was an intention set and then steps taken to make sure there was consistent progress towards the goal. Are you taking actions that are consistent with your goals? Do you write your goals down and then list action steps to make them happen? With everything I’ve ever done whether it was becoming a published author, modeling, pageantry, writing and producing a micro-stageplay as a book launch, help my son publish a mobile app or traveling the world I’ve always been intentional about my moves towards my goals. No matter what was going on around me, I kept myself focused on the dream I had for myself. Many people told me I was crazy or unrealistic but my desire was greater than their expectations. One by one they happened. Don’t let yourself or anyone else talk you out of your dreams. What steps do you need to take to realize your goals?

3. Network with Winners

Marsai Martin with Oprah Winfrey at 2017 Emmys
Marsai Martin with Oprah Winfrey at 2017 Emmys

TD Jakes has a sermon where he says something to the effect “You can always tell where a person is going by who they’re moving with”. Basically, he’s saying watch closely who a person moves with and what they’re doing as opposed to what they’re saying and you can tell what they’re up to. This message stuck to me over the years and I always look closely at who people give their time to. I watch who I give my time to. Now let’s take a look again at that Instagram post from Marsai’s page… she went into Universal Studios to do a joint pitch with screenwriter, Tracey Oliver. However, it began with Marsai going to Kenya Barris, Kenya going to Will Packer and then Tracey and Marsai working together on the pitch for Universal. There was some major networking that happened to make those connections possible. It may have taken years, several phone calls, conference calls, meetings and strategy sessions to connect all of those dots to make it happen. The main thing is it happened because Marsai was committed to building relationships with the right people to help her realize her dream. Do you network with winners? Do you constantly meet and engage with people who motivate, challenge and push you to the next level? Are your relationships and connections based on your comfort zone? As a single mom, it was almost non-existent to find any documentation online of other single moms who were traveling the world with children when I first got the itch. I read and read and read and kept networking online with world travelers. I studied travel hacking, became a travel professional and built relationships with people who were doing what I sought to do and finally got the courage to take the leap. I finally did and ended up traveling for 6 months in Europe with my two children. My parents and immediate family weren’t world travelers, but I connected myself with travel experts who helped me figure out ways to afford international travel. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. If I didn’t connect with the doers and only listened to the naysayers, then I would’ve never had those experiences and neither would my children.
Challenge: Connect with people who help you see the best version of yourself every day and believe in your power to achieve greatness.

4. Move Boldly & Execute

Marsai Martin in trailer of upcoming film Little.
Marsai Martin in trailer of upcoming film Little.

Nothing stops the naysayers like action! I’m pretty sure Marsai doesn’t relate to many teens her age. Matter of fact, I’m certain that most teenagers have never even considered the possibility of executive producing a film while in middle school. The great thing is when you move boldly, you avoid mediocrity. Never feel bad about standing out, not fitting in, always being told you act or move different, own it! Do the most so you can experience the best. My grandfather used to always tell me “better your best”. Needless to say, he was never satisfied, but he always kept me on my toes. I dreamed bigger because I knew someone was expecting me to do what no one else expected me to. What activities do you engage in on a daily basis to help you move with confidence? Do you say affirmations, listen to motivational speeches or podcasts? When you seek to do something do you constantly think of ways to make it happen no matter what hurdles come your way? You have to be ruthless at getting it done because if you don’t then who will?
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I’m sure there were many obstacles Marsai had to face in order to achieve her goal of seeing her film come to life. However, until she tells us what those were the only thing we know is that she got it done. She set the goal, was intentional, connected with winners and moved boldly. I hope that these tips help you move forward on your dreams and impact lives in an amazing way!

Take a peak at ‘Little’ the trailer!

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