My Equilibrium is Off


In celebration of National Poetry Month, I decided to share one of my most popular poems.

My Equilibrium is Off

Catastrophic events have taken place
My love has deviated to the Earth’s core
My mind is inebriated
With thoughts that can run the
Pacific Ocean dry

Sweet, voluptuous & sexy
But I’m hellacious as they get
Don’t test me!
My equilibrium is off
I want balance
I want my love rocked back
To its origin

I want initiation
Initiation that foreign luxury cars have
From virgin drivers who
Thirst for adventure
Shifting gears into tunnels
That led to moonlit skies
In France
At 120 miles per hour
I want excitement
Like every time you see me
Like every moment
With me is Christmas
I want soft wet kisses
I want pretty pink toes
Painted by you
And back rubs
And a love so strong
So deep
That it balances my body
In a way that makes
All the gravity that sustains us
Seem inexistent

I want you
I want you more than I want cute shoes and diamonds
And more than I want a ‘like’ clicked on Facebook
By my favorite emcee
I want my existence in your life
To be more appreciated
Than 608 revolving texts from the sexiest women on Earth
Who’ll never know you or love you like I do
My equilibrium is off
And I need balance
I’ve got the best love coming at me
Like a Earthquake at 8.9

How can I ignore
A love like yours
You made it absolutely impossible
For me to ignore you
I tried
I hope you remember
Now your love has saturated
Every item I own, piece of clothing & even my skin
Smells like you
I sometimes find myself
Using your gestures
Yes, my equilibrium is off
It’s so off I’m not sure I know what I want
You’ve somehow evolved in my space
So much to where it feels like yours

Your clothes
Your clothes are hanging in my closet
And the only thing I think
Is does he mind if I
Wear this
I find myself feeling awkward around other men
Like other men are literally Mars
and I’m Venus
I don’t even look at other men
The same way I used to
The day before I met you
My equilibrium is… waiting

Poem by Jasira Monique from Woman on the Move: Unapologetic Poetry