When a Woman’s Fed Up


‘When a Woman’s Fed Up’ is a collaborative book featuring women who have overcome domestic violence. Jasira Monique, who is the author of ‘Bruised Kisses’ and ‘Woman on the Move’ is a featured author in ‘When a Woman’s Fed Up’ which is a book presented by J. Mosley Publishing. If you thought you knew Monique’s story, then brace yourself as you read what obstacles she endured to help her be so passionate about women achieving their dreams despite all odds.

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Have you ever heard Jasira Monique share her story of being in an abusive relationship while a college student at Howard University? Monique didn’t just get involved in a bad situation that turned dangerous, but she also lost everything. One bad decision, led to abandonment, homelessness, abuse, failing grades and finishing out her time at Howard in an transitional home for homeless women and children. If you know someone in an abusive relationship or are yourself, then please read Monique’s story of how she regained her strength to leave, rebuilt her life and now helps over 2,000 women in 19 different countries stay committed to achieving their dreams no matter what! Grab your copy while supplies last!


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