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Woman on the Move

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If you love poetry and love pursuing your dreams no matter what, then you will love Jasira Monique’s book, Woman on the Move. Her poetry is inviting and allows us a glimpse into the world of a woman who lives life unapologetically. She channels the fury of awareness, the complexities of love and the sanctity from knowing who you are even if that honesty scares others. She invites you to join an elite group of leaders who ignite change and encourage self actualization at all costs.

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Woman on the Move is poetry on canvas. Every poem strokes a new glimpse into the lives of undeniably bold, charismatic and unstoppable women. Life is our painted canvas we leave as an impression for the world to interpret, Jasira Monique’s poetry gives that canvas more meaning. To read more reviews from literary experts and critically acclaimed poets click here.

SpokenVizions Magazine National Poetry Awards, Poetry Magazine of the Year 2011 & 2012 Winner “Woman On The Move” is a powerful poetic melody that rides the mental notes of musical literature. Jasira Monique engages us with her work, while making her expressions very easy to read in a sitting or two. Brilliant and refreshing, her passion for the arts shines, as I look forward to more of her work in the future.

Queen Sheba Jasira Monique’s voice is raw. There cannot be one voice for all women but all women have the struggles and triumphs she lays out for us here. Not many poets allow themselves to become vulnerable in the eyes of so many; how do we reward this literary revolution? –by reacquainting ourselves with the intimacy of a book. Spread her word!”

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Woman on the Move