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Woman on the Move: Unapologetic Poetry


SpokenVizions Magazine National Poetry Awards, Poetry Magazine of the Year 2011 & 2012 Winner “Woman On The Move” is a powerful poetic melody that rides the mental notes of musical literature. Jasira Monique engages us with her work, while making her expressions very easy to read in a sitting or two. Brilliant and refreshing, her passion for the arts shines, as I look forward to more of her work in the future.

Queen Sheba Jasira Monique’s voice is raw. There cannot be one voice for all women but all women have the struggles and triumphs she lays out for us here. Not many poets allow themselves to become vulnerable in the eyes of so many; how do we reward this literary revolution? –by reacquainting ourselves with the intimacy of a book. Spread her word!”

5 reviews for Woman on the Move: Unapologetic Poetry

  1. “Woman on the Move” takes readers on a journey into different stages of discovery in a women’s life. Jasira Monique’s heart is expressed through her poetry, her words are captivating and with each poem readers are engulfed into a new experience. I believe elements of romance, self-love and empowerment flow through the pages of this book.

  2. Woman on the Move takes the reader on a beautiful, lyrical journey through the emotions that we all feel. With a variety of poems on the issues of life, this book has something we all can feel. Kudos to Monique for sharing her joy and pain in such a generous way!

  3. I was thoroughly impressed. This is the type of poetry that speaks to its reader: personal and inspirational. It has an unmistakable modern-day flow that weaves smoothly in and out of stories.

  4. A book of poetry that speaks to the modern woman in her native tongue, giving rise to her inner urban Amazon.

  5. Jasira Monique’s poems are honest and full of genuine emotion. She captures the essence of the struggle to not only know oneself, but also to show the world that truth as well. In “Every Person,” she expresses our universal desire to be valued and loved, and in ‘Everybody Can be Great,” she emphasizes the contributions each individual can make to the world. Later in the collection, “Running on E” explores the perils of unrequited love and compassion, and the final poem in the collection “Starlight Encryption,” is a heartfelt ode to a lover. Overall, this is an inspirational collection that is both uplifting and sincere.

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Woman on the Move