The Other Side of Discouragement

#PraiseAlert 2months ago I sent out a prayer request to close friends & family to put me in prayer as I faced a very challenging dilemma & decision. I thank God for praying friends & family. Now, I’ve moved on & traveled to Atlanta, London via Los Angeles & now in Saint Aubin D’aubingne through Rennes, France. If I would have told you Dec 31, 2014 that I was traveling to Europe this year or summer with 2 kids during this time you would called me a liar, by looking at my circumstances & life. Sometimes God will shake things up just to force you to live for yourself & not others. I had to ask myself “are their needs more important than mine?” People make decisions to live their lives & many times you sacrifice so much & put your life & needs on the back burner for those you love. Sad but true to those people most of the time you’ll never do enough or be enough. You have to break free & live for yourself. Co-dependent & debilitating cycles have to be broken for your growth & your life. I will eventually tell my both heart breaking & inspiring life story (it took almost 33 years for me to realize that it is heart breaking… The blessings only come when you’re honest & true with yourself) but now, today, I have to create this One & Only Life that i want to live. Live your life & don’t look back #truestory #redeemed #opportunity #travel #goals #setback #setup #lifemastery #yourtruth #yourdesires #inspiration #empoweredYOU #womanonthemove #jasiramonique

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