Visualization Morocco 1.0

If you only knew the story behind my decision to uproot my children & travel to Europe you would just thank God at how marvelous He truly is. If you knew that my passion & travel knowledge was ignited by world travelers like Amirah & Rell of @coolyounghistory. If you knew that I had 2 decisions: live with the status quo or dream for something bigger, richer, more fulfilling than I had ever experienced in life. My international travel journey started when I was 20 years old in Manila, Philiipines on a missions trip. My task was to teach Computer Learning & the importance of having globally marketable skills…..look at God! I never knew what He was doing. My next trip was to Hong Kong; Shenzhen & Jianngjiajie, Peoples Republic of China where I taught accelerated English learning skills to children who were middle school aged. I was 22 at the time, married 3 days prior & unaware I was pregnant in China with Daniel. Later in 2012, I went to Jamaica on a first date for my birthday & had the time of my life! Next, full figured modeling picked up as my role as Ms. Florida Plus America 2012 gave me more visibility & I decided that I wanted to be an International Fuller Woman Expo model in Toronto, Ontario and so I was. I joined a birthday celebration for the model who taught me how in Puerto Rico in 2013. Last year, I celebrated my son & took him to Mexico. Currently, we’re living in an apartment in Saint Aubin D’aubigne, France for the summer (Daniel, 10 year old son & Sasha, my 6 month old Sasha). This realization came as a result of all my travel education through learning through social media. Specifically, this trip, through Amirah. This picture is of Morocco, a country that I’ve never traveled to, but in 2013, was written in my 5 Year Manifesto. The author of ‘101 Ways to Travel for Less than $10 a Day’ is in Morocco now with her husband on an Indefinite Honeymoon. Her tips helped me save hundreds of dollars & book my current apartment for less than $500/mo USD in France. To grab Amirah’s book & learn ways to save on your international travel click the link in bio use code JASIRA for discount. Happy Travels!

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