#WomenSupportingWomen: ‘The Shop’ Grand Opening


Life shrinks or expands in proportion with one’s courage. — Anaïs Nin

Collaboration amongst women in our nation is at an all time high. Why? Women know that our collective force is always more powerful than our individual efforts.

Woman on the Move is so excited to present the women from The Shop located in West Palm Beach, Florida promoting collaboration, enterprise and the celebration of women. We sat down with Eminent by Buera to discuss her new innovative business model and her vision for success.

Woman on the Move wants to know what can you tell us about ‘Eminent by Buera’ and ‘The Shop’?

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Eminent by Buera is a custom clothing boutique that I started four years ago. The concept started since I’m 5’11 and because of my height I wanted longer dresses. I was complaining to my mother and she bought me a sewing machine and stressed that I didn’t waster her money. I taught myself how to sew in a room in my home and six months later I opened my first shop. It was nothing but a God given talent that I hadn’t discovered. The Shop is the collaboration amongst all of us: Eminent by Buera, Sassafras Nail Bar & Jewelry, Kianga Art & Queen Ayize, and Cosmetic Addict. I’ve known and worked with all of them for some time now and our specialties all comprised the perfect solution for our customers. We all work well together which is perfect!

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Can you please tell us about your partners and what unique characteristics made this dream team possible?

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Alicia Duncan, who is the owner of Sassafras Nail Bar & Jewelry, and I have been friends for over 20 years. We were definitely overdue to become business partners. Her jewelry was displayed in the boutique for two years.

Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening
Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening

Queen Ayize & Kianga Art of African Treasures used to do pop up shops at my boutique and our customers would go back and forth between the both of us so it only made sense to have them as a part of ‘The Shop’.

Cosmetic Addict is my personal makeup artist as well as the make up artist for all of the fashion shows that I do. We were constantly referring customers back and forth.

Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening
Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening


Describe the type of woman The Shop caters to…

The Shop is designed to attract women from many different walks of life. We are very proud to say that our business has a very diverse clientele. I’ve designed clothing for the prom, legal counsel to the church First Lady and women who enjoy nightlife! Our customers enjoy getting pampered with regular nail appointments, creating the perfect look with our highly sought after makeup artist as well as ordering custom designs, African prints, art and grabbing signature gems while in our shop. We’ve carefully planned a full experience for our clients.

What do you and your business partners hope to accomplish in Palm Beach County with your example of collaboration?

Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening
Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening

I would like to see other people get together and collaborate so that more people can work towards their dreams. We would like to set an example of unity for the local children in our community.
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What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who desire to pursue their passion?

Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening
Photo Courtesy of Leiann Forbes at Grand Opening

I would definitely encourage them to study whatever profession that they are trying to conquer and take as many chances as needed to succeed.

What were some of your favorite moments at the boutique grand opening?

Seeing the other ladies of The Shop light up with the excitement of experiencing a grand opening of their own. We have a great video of Queen Ayize dancing as well!


What events can we look forward to at The Shop?

We have a monthly event called The Girlfriend Social where women come out and enjoy dessert, music and shopping. Ayize will be doing runway classes & dance. Alicia will have Wine & Mimosa Saturdays for her nail clients. Kianga has pop up shops for fabric and paintings. Cosmetic Addict has makeup tutorial appointments where she teaches clients how to apply makeup.
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What do you think of The Shop?

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