World Poetry Day 2016!

Jasira Monique - Woman on the Move
Jasira Monique – Woman on the Move


My dear poet-
I am forever grateful to you
For allowing my body
To be your page

Letting your words
Ascend on my temple
And descend
On my feet

How long will I thank God
For giving me you
As our passionate and artistic sessions
Gracefully formed poetry in motion

Lord knows
My body yearned
And needed the eloquence
Your poetry provided

Our poetry combined
Gave birth to volcanic verses
And flood-like rushes
Of the most liberated conversation

My poet laureate
Thank you for allowing
Your art to transcend
Into poetic actions

Your ability to allow
Your love to flow
Like a pen on paper
Amazes me

When poets make love
Sacred books
Unlock their meanings
And the majestic powers of words
Fill the universe
With marvelous expressions

Our collaborated efforts
Awakened the most powerful of poets
Who long ago fell asleep
Happily summoned with the stars
To congratulate our poetic bliss

When we made love
Our poetry was forever
Imprinted in the hearts
of all poets
past, present, and yet to come

-Written and dedicated to a very dear poet
Poetry from Bruised Kisses

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